Ah Khang

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Today 18 March

I have worked in the morning, trying to accomplish a few tickets Greg has assigned to me. I was busy the whole morning working with web interface and java webwork framework. Somehow I was so concentrated that I felt it was going to be the last few tasks to effectuate in this project.

In fact, that's true. I have applied for a half day leave in the afternoon so that I would go to Atos Origin to discuss about the new contract. Yet, I still worked until 1pm instead of noon. The meeting was at 4pm, so I took my time to go down town and have a nice Durum in a Turkish shop that I frequented a lot. Then I strolled around the street aimlessly in the sun, trying to set myself free, knowing that it's going to be day of turning point in my life. I stopped by the biggest shopping street and listened to a wonderful voice of a French guy who was playing guitar at road side. The sun was marvelous, every ray of sunlight was like an energy stream that would stimulate each nerf inside my body, reminding me a guy who came from a tropical country.

I would have listened for the whole afternoon to the voice if I was not in a rush. 4pm sharp, I found myself in the headquarter of Belgium Atos Origin, the office resides more than a thousand employees. I was rather thrilled, excited and anxious at the same time, as long as the contract was not revealed and signed, I was still in the croasroad.

5pm, standing in the big car park of Atos Origin, pumping my heart heavily, I started to smile. Yes! I have the contract in my hand, and I am going to work for one of the five biggest IT consulting firm in the world! the contract was gratifying, all the offers were fine,some even surpassed my expectation. I will have a car, and petrol is included. They will even order a new car for me after 6 months probation period.

After two years in Belgium, I know I am moving up steadily in the hierarchy. It was not an easy path, though I have a lot of chance and tremondous help from Luc. I am grateful, not only to those who lent me a hand, but also those who have pushed me and insulted me. They were the force to keep me moving and striving even harder. I may not be the best, but I will not be a loser, that's why I always exige and prove myself that I can achieve one day.

We will see, a new journey is waving to me. For what may come, I know my choice is made. Smiling, I am writing this post, knowing that I am going to kick some berks in the company before I leave.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Finally I have a lighter and smoother week. Lots of things have happened recently, and again for my life in Belgium, I am going to board a new adventure to work in aother company.

I have attended four interviews in the last 2 weeks, and I have more to come in my agenda. Yet, I will have to stop all these potential interviews, because the company that I am most enthusiastic into has given me a nod.

I went to two interviews on last Friday, spent 6 hours on these interviews, not to mention the journey hours by public transport. I started the first interview at 9am and only found myself home at 9pm. I am truly grateful that my French has been rather beneficial to my performance. All these interviews I have attended so far were carried out in French. Of course, they were all amazed by how fast I have learned the language while pursuing my professional career at the same time... if only they have known the efforts I have put in to succeed in this foreign country.

Now one of the biggest company in the world is offering me a lucrative contract (I hope so, I haven't seen the contract by now, plan to sign it on Friday). The salary should be augmented, I should have a company car, with group insurance, meal check, and extra months salary.... if all these are included in the contract as what I have expected.

Strangely enough, i don't feel much excitement about it tonight. I know I am going to sign this contract, which will signify a big leap in my career path. To have this company in my CV is the greatest reference I can ever ask for. Yet, in fact I do like my current job, I adore working with Java + Web. Too bad that I am leaving all these behind because I encounter communication problem with some people. I know that I have to overcome this obstacle before I leave the company, I have to confront the problem and solve it, else no matter where I go, I am not growing anywhere.

Truly, the lesson I have learned is that: working with westerners, you have to be blunt and let them know what you think. If you are not happy with some acts, you have to tell them in a diplomatic and pleasant way. Being too polite and too generous is not a right way to communicate, as in the end, people will take advantages of you, and you will have no more influential parole. Don't be fearful, they would respect you more if you show your assertiveness.

Anyway, thanks to my current company, I have learned tremondously. Besides technical knowledges, you let me know what is the real working environment, and how I should have the correct attitude to work. I have been stranded by my attitude rather than by my competence (which actually the attitude does lead to incompetence as it's an important element for work) in my professional life. Hopefully I can grow up and avoid the same mistakes in future.

I always remind myself now:
With no fear, I shall succeed
Be more assertive, I shall gain

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Million Dollar Dog...

Just watched the film Danny The Dog tonight. I don't understand why Jet Li would take up this role, for he a super hero well known to asian community, now suddenly appears as a human dog on big screen

Is Hollywood that important? That he would capitulate before the million dollar contract. Please, for the sake of dignity , don't turn into a Hollywood Dog!

Thursday, March 03, 2005


忘记了在这陌生的国度, 这已经是第几次了
才找工三天就有面试, 算是很欣慰了

使尽所有口才 托尽老妈每天为我求神拜佛的福

那份工, 我没得弹, 那时我巴不得每天都上班
同事都是朋友 老板每天请吃
工作方面得心应手 人也变得开朗和英俊 ...

公司迁移了 我的工作准证只容许我呆在比利时
还好,有了工作经验, 这时找工容易多了

这第二份工 让我知道什么是真正的篇写员生活

日渐久了, 同事们都目露狰狞的面孔了
f字简直当诗咏 呐喊是说话 重金属音乐是代表宁静
以我这种性格 我知道我不会待久 八字生辰太相克了

现在边工作边找其他机会 没几多选择了
或许我也应该臭气相投 入乡随俗说f字 学霸道 学争辩
但就是不行 我爸妈就是没这种基因
还是他们父母教养太好 总之我已决定寻找另一片绿荫


看吧,我现在还有钱收 暂时就呆住一下

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Another night with Java

it looks to me this is a never ending story
once you get acquaintance with a library
the next day a new version emerges

endless packages out there to reach
repetitve searches never yields the desired results
which one am I supposed to pick?

language itself is a beautiful doorway
once you step in you are stucked with despair
so many vendors each with their own benchmark
leaving me suffocated in this world of open source

who says windows is bad
at least it simplifies things
I am still haunted by this unix monster
hiding little java creatures in its arms...