Ah Khang

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wonderful Sunday!

I am just so happy today. I have participated in the Dragonbad badminton tournament in Havré and I have won the Men Single C1 category! Now with one tournament under belt, I just need to win another Men Single tournament, then I can move up to B2 category! Actually I have already won another tournament in October last year but since the new season has just started, the counter was reset to 0!

It was such a tense beginning as I actually lost the first set in my first match, but then I managed to come back to win the rest of two sets, and just kept on winning in straight set until final. I always have this nervousness during the first match on the day, I was glad that I just managed to pull it through!

I was so contented that I have invited Luc for a wonderful dinner in our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. Still so full now, but it is good then to stay on the couch as I am watching Eurocup Spain – Italy at the same time :)

Oh yes, too bad the Netherlands has lost yesterday, I was supporting them the whole night, but I have to say Russia was just a better team on the field!

By the way, this morning Luc and I caught a white rabbit in our neighborhood garden. This rabbit has been eating flowers in our private garden! This white rabbit is really so cute but we cannot have it because our cat is rather territorial. So whoever wish to have it, do let me know!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Comme Chez Soi

Wow... excitement is kicking in! I am going to eat in the best and (one of) the most expensive restaurant in Belgium tomorrow!

Yeah, it went back to 2 months ago when I participated in an Executive game organized by my company. It's called "Leadership in Action" game. Basically about 40 executives in my company would each organize an activity, the employees simply needed to select any activity and guess how many people would participate in that selected activity. It was actually a charity act, because each guess would cost you 5 Euros, and the money collected will be donated to some charity organizations.

There were activities like wine tasting, boat sailing, tennis match and so on. So out of 40+ activities, I selected 2 that interested me.

  1. How to make Sushi + a Sushi dinner
  2. Enjoy an executive lunch at "Comme Chez Soi", the renowned prestigious restaurant in Belgium

(Yes both are about foods as I am gourmand :P )

Frankly, I just put one guess on each activity, and I miraculously won both! How lucky! I have heard of "Comme Chez Soi" so many times for all the compliments it receives and its 'price', until that I wouldn't even dream to one day step in there and eat there! It had received Michelin Guide recognition as 3 STARS restaurant, and mind you there are not many restaurants in the WORLD that are crowned with Michelin 3 STARS! And Michelin is the most highly esteemed guide any restaurant would die for to put their name in their little book...

So tomorrow I will have to wear a costume (oh yes, dress code is applied to enter the restaurant) and join 2 other executives for lunch + another winner too (there are 2 winners of us). It would be interesting to have lunch and share conversations and learn from these experienced colleagues :)

Ok, got to go to Dutch class now, I have a final writing exam this Wednesday, but I am so obsessed by the food now and totally putting behind the exam!