Ah Khang

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I have always wanted to write a few blogs in Chinese but am always halted by the inefficiency of input method that I am using right now. I use the PING YING input, which is based on the alphabetic pronunciation of Chinese words.

Chinese is anyway my mother tongue and I guess I can be more expressive in my writing fiddling with the words.

Really thinking of learning a new way of inputing Chinese characters… any suggestion out there?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Know a way to get sponsored for travelling?

It’s amazing, I really envy this guy. Can you imagine having the luxury to visit every corner of the world while having somebody to support your trips and expenses?

And this guy Matt just had that clever feat. Basically he just dances badly, but he is witty. He dances in front of every picturesque scene and monument you can find on our earth, then make a movie and post it on his blog. Now everybody craves to watch his latest adventure and to trace his whereabouts. Soon enough he has gathered enough spectators for his blog’s traffic, and thus come all the diverse sponsors, including Google!

Damn, I would do more than dancing if somebody is paying me to travel around the world!