Ah Khang

Monday, April 30, 2007


Just came back from UGC today, finally watched the not-sure-to-go-or-not film of sunshine. Well, I have read a lot of negative reviews on this film and that certainly has restrained me substantially, but I told myself I have to support Michele Yeoh at no cost!

Anyway, it is well worth my 2 hours investment. Strictly it is not a 'A' film, but it did certainly entertain me. That's the purpose of entertainment, right?

I can see that the director has high ambition, trying to put a lot of different elements into the film. At certain stage I thought it was going to be another Alien film... Well, the story plot was kinda branching here and there, but it does eventually go back to the main narration. Thank god!

Back to my main intention: Michele was not very striking in this film, just a character that can actually be removed. :(

Roi Du Soleil

I finally went to see the famous musical show of Roi Du Soleil. It was a bliss to see the original crew from France playing it in Belgium. I have bought the tickets since 3 months back as a birthday present for Luc. Time for him to unwrap the present.

Anyway, it was kinda rush to reach the venue, finding a parking around ForĂȘt National was certainly a laborious task, lucky me that Luc was the driver yesterday. I was just too lazy to setup the navigation system in my car. :)

Back to the musical, I was indeed truly impressed. Having seen several musical shows in London, I tried to convince myself not to put high anticipation on it, afraid of any disappointment that might ruin my degustation. However to my greatest delight, Roi Du Soleil was not only well worth its costly ticket price, but also surpassed all my expectations.

First thing to highlight has got to be the choreography. Kamal Ouali as usual did not disappoint me. Sticking to his glamorous and luxurious decors and dance, it suited the whole narration perfectly. It definitely beat all the musical decors I have seen in London to date.

The actors were too of high adept. Thanks to the early booking (still only was I sitting on 24th row after having purchased the best ticket), I have a great view on the whole scene at direct angle. Absolutely no complain on the voices with those enchanting melodies. I particularly like the part of female singing. A few male voices were rather too harsh or if I can put it, the vocal was not controlled perfectly. Well an exception would be Emmanuel Moire, the Roi Du Soleil of course. He definitely demonstrated his talent and indirectly told /everybody why he deserved the principal role.

A defect would be the actors on second principal roles. They didn't seem to be very professional on the stage, making fun and laughing all the time. Well some scenes deserved happy ambiance, but they definitely went too far at certain stage.

Another point to bring up was the security in the theater. ForĂȘt National was a pure disappointment. For the price we paid, we clearly deserved better seats. It seems like they have squeezed a lot of chairs in the VIP zone. Besides, no control was imposed to prevent people from taking pictures. Those flashes from camera were really distracting me. To my dismay, before the end of the show, all girls rushed to the front stage hoping to shake the hands of their beloved stars. By stamping hard on the temporary set-up wooden floor, they created noises and blocked the view for people at front row. This certainly would not happen in London I reckon.

Well, as a whole this is still a musical that is a must-see for everybody. It was a pleasant night for me and Luc after a long walk in Waterloo around the wheat farm. Adorable day with generous sun in mid Spring, and cultural night with unforgettable play. What more can I ask?