Ah Khang

Thursday, September 11, 2008

About The India Trip

Yupe time to update a bit of what happened in India. Friends have been wondering where I am since the return… Basically I am just busy with the project and some trainings. Oh yes all about work, and sport too (you know, I just love badminton) :)

How can I say about India… In fact I have extended my trip to stay extra 3 holidays in Mumbai in order to see more of the country. So here are some facts of my sojourn:

  • Took my flight on Sunday morning. I was flying on Business class, and I can tell you Jet Airway is not famous for nothing! Their service is superior, and the foods on board were just extraordinary! The seat I had can be adjusted to become a bed, I mean totally 180 degree in horizon! So I was half sleeping watching a film with a champagne… what a way to start a working trip :)
  • Arrived at Mumbai at 11pm, picked up luggage at a dilapilated hall. The indian smell immediately hit me to remind me that I was used to it in Malaysia... Then we took the hotel cab to Hyatt Royal. Frankly to say, never have I in my life stayed in such a luxurious business suite room, guess my company is quite generous :) I was so excited to explore the room that I only slept at around 3am!
  • Checked out at 8am and went to airpot to fly to Pune. The other group of colleagues missed the flight and joined us only in the evening.
  • Busy working in Pune from Monday 18th to Tuesday 26th. Everynight went out dinner with colleagues, crazy eating in restaurants with cocktails and 3 meal courses! (oh yes, gained quite some weight but am working hard to cut them down)
  • Went back to Mumbai on Wednesday by taxi. Colleague left to Brussels while I stayed on 3 more nights in Mumbai for some sightseeings.
  • First time took an auto-rickshaw to work in Pune, my experience was like riding a roller coaster, while my colleague insisted that it felt more like a suicidal ride!
  • Only had stomach problem in Mumbai, because I wanted to join in the local crowds to enter into their culture life and foods, and thus ate some fruits at road side which was rather unhygienic.
  • Crossing a road was like a combat. First you have to cross one lane, then wait for cars to pass by, then cross the second lane, then wait for other cars again, and finally you will reach the middle separation of the road, then you start trying crossing the other half.
  • Btw, 2 lanes' road in India means that there are 3 lanes of cars or even 4 lanes! (they just don't respect the lane!)
  • Indians are great driver, they drive with 5 cm distance from each other. Really, perfect without any collition, only got you scared like hell!
  • But they cannot drive in any other country because they just don't respect the regulations....
  • Everything you buy, you have to bargain. I have lost this ability a while after living in Belgium for years!
  • Most of the restaurants are vegetarian, so ask before you enter. Besides, Indians do not eat beef.
  • Pollution, pollution and pollution everywhere...
  • Construction was constant in all roads in India, and a big stone might popped up somewhere in the middle of a road, so be careful...
  • Drivers keep honking while driving, it's means "I am here, beware". So it is very noisy everywhere in this country due to the car horn...
  • Weather forecast said 2 months monsoon rain everyday, but we were greeted with 2 full weeks of generous sun.
  • I love the markets in Mumbai, visited Ali road, best market you can find to get anything you want, and it was ENORMOUS, you would get lost...
  • Lots of pirated stuffs too, can compete with Malaysia...
  • Didn't get to visit Bollywood!

Jet airway business

Royal Hyatt hotel

Crawford market in Mumbai

Guide in a market to show us different Indian spices

Mullawabah came at Church Gate train station everywhere to deliver foods

CST train station, the only building in Mumbai under UNESCO

Gateway of India

Sunset view of Mumbai

Enjoying dinner in a Mumbai vegetarian resto before catching flight back to Brussels