Ah Khang

Monday, January 31, 2005

a BIG day for my job!

BRAVO!!! I am assured of my job!

Finally today the last day of my six months probation period. Ever since I signed the contract six month ago, I never thought I would survive this duration. This job has been very, very labourious for me, but thanks to Luc who keep encouraging me all this while, the perseverance eventually paid off!

We have celebrated it tonight with a delightful dinner in a renowned fish restaurant. The taste is still lingering while I am writing this post!

starter: aperitif of the house + scampi à l'ail (scampi with garlic).
main course: 8 different grilled fishes.
dessert: Dame blanche.
Accompanied with white wine of the house.


Dreams are also multi lingua?

It was not the first time already when I heard this question:"What language do you speak when you dream?"

It's true that this question can get the head out of those who speaks several languages.

But alas, it's a no-brainer type of riddle.

"Of course it depends on who I am speaking to, I don't remember in my dream that I ever speak french to a chinese friend..."

My blog, at last!

There has been constant questions about whether I should create a blog to share my story with unknown public. I was rather reserved, may be still now, thinking that it's rather intrusive to let people peek into my personal life.

Recent chat with Jimmy has changed my opinion. Actually a blog can be a convenient way to record everyday's diary, of course it's not going to be like Bridget Jone's diary. This, is a public blog, I shall remain scrupulous, for me have been someone who tend to keep his screets deep in mind, just because there are some matters I could hardly explain to others.

Let's hope this is going to be a new start to set free the chains that has been restraining me from my friends. So here come my adventures in one of the smallest european country, a land unknown to me when I alighted from the flight on the 22nd November 2002...