Ah Khang

Thursday, May 29, 2008

London Trip 1/6 - 6/6

Still not quite yet settling down in Brussels after the holidays, now I have to again depart to London for a week of work. While seeing that I am not there for holidays, the excitement somehow is greatly reduced. Moreover I just came back from London in the end of March (I think I still owed a blog post for that, gotta write that down soon).

This time around I will stay at Southwark, not familiar with the area, but my company's center is located close by. It will take me around 30 minutes to walk to Leicester Square and China Town area but I think that is bearable. Hmm whenever I mention London, I automatically link it to Malaysian food, I guess that's the frustration being longtime deprived of Malaysia food in Belgium! So I foresee a few extra kilos around my waist after the trip... But no complaint! :)

Anyway, I have the whole Sunday for the visit, then 5 days of work before coming back on Friday night. I plan to watch a musical, most probably The Lion King. But if I cannot get a ticket from Half-Price Booth, I guess I will have to settle for other musicals for the sake of my wallet....

Oh yes better don't forget to meet up Jimmy! My best buddy during the university days in Malaysia :)

Picture: Malaysia renowned dish - Nasi Lemak

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finally Back!

I have been back to Brussels since last Sunday but I didn't quite manage to find time to update my blog here. Blame the work and the night school and the oh-I-love-to-play Badminton games! Anyway, I am safely home and just finished a presentation for the night class, so I am gladly updating my blog for the amazing European trip that I have just experienced!

Basically the whole trip was going all well, out of 7 flights I only had 1 delay, which was my last flight from Vienna to Brussels, only 20 minutes though. :) Other than that I think I have prepared the trip really well, departure and arrival to new country/city and find the way directly to the hotel, and did the visits I wanted to see. Thanks to Internet! Oh yes and I met many new backpacker friends as well!

I shall introduce every country one by one here in my next posts. Out of the 7 countries/cities, my first choice would definitely be Venice, such a charming and romantic place! (click on the pictures to view a better quality one)

Picture 1: Venice in early morning

Picture 2: Feeding pigeons in Piazza San Marco, Venice Italy.

Picture 3: Horse carriage that you can find everywhere in the city of Vienna

Picture 4: Guard changing event at Stockholm old city Gamla Stan

Picture 5: Cycling around the city of Lausanne in Switzerland

Picture 6: The old city of Valletta in Malta

Picture 7: The famous manhole statue in Brastilava, Slovakia

By the way, I look rather dark in the pictures, thanks to my parents' gene that I would just get tan over 10 minutes under the sun... But I so love sunny days during the trip!