Ah Khang

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

January Recap

It has been some times since I last updated my blog. Nothing special really happened. January has been filled with works and badminton in general.

  • I have joined two badminton tournaments at B2 level. I managed to reached men single quarter final for both events, and reached final for the men double event. Seems to be a decent result, though I was physically not tiptop due to some muscle pains and tendonitis.
  • Chinese New Year was supposed to be the highlight of the month. The inner jubilance was always stirred up whenever this special day approached. After all I have always enjoyed the feast and gone through all the special traditions with my family back in hometown. However in Belgium you can't really expect any ambiance, not the slightest decoration nor news. Well of course I do realize I am in Belgium, not China or Malaysia‚Ķ
  • So I had a great Dim Sum in Antwerp as the reunion meal on Chinese New Year's Eve, and then the next day a big dinner with a bunch of closed friends in Brussels center. I was glad to have at least laid my hands on great mahjong games with some friends. Love it :)
  • Had my yearly evaluation at work and it turned out to be outstanding. In the company many people are on the bench now without a project, so the rumor of large scale retrenchment is spreading wildly. I will normally be released from the current project early April, let's see what my destiny lies ahead‚Ķ