Ah Khang

Friday, July 04, 2008

American Movie Day

It has been a while since I went to bed at such a wee hour in the morning during weekday. I glimpsed the clock on the bed before closing my eyes, 3am! Here's gone my sleeping beauty...

Anyway, I really enjoyed a great night out, alone, well yes alone, but technically, with lots of people surrounded me. It was the American Movie Day in Brussels, as to celebrate the American Independence Day on 4 July. So they have set up a big concert at De Broukere place, and invited Kim Wilde to sing for 3 hours from 9pm until midnight! So yes I went there to watch the open concert alone, since Luc has gone for a business trip in Berlin. It was such a fun, many people were electrified by the groovy performance of Kim. She sang so many famous songs, it was easy to echo to everyone because she didn't just sing about her own songs but those that people were acquainted with. Lucikly the rain stopped just on time to allow the concert to take place. I was basically moving along with the crowds, some little dances and sang along the chorus part :)

Then after 12 midnight the cinema UGC just next door offered grand preview on 13 new films! I was crazy enough to pamper myself a good film at 12:30am on a working day! There were Wall-E, Hancock, The Forbidden Kingdom, Mamamia and so on. I decided to go for Mamamia, as I have missed the musical several times when I was in London. It's such a popular show that I just failed to get a good ticket every time at West-End London! This year in June when I was there I watched The Lion King musical. So I have to make it up to watch my long awaited musical-to-movie Mamamia!

Already in the beginning of the film I was welcomed with great surprises, they have Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth featured in the film! Gosh, I know they are a bit old now but they are just so charming! Especially Colin Firth, I didn't know he can be so funny after his image in the Briget Jone's Diary. The fun part is absolutely to listen to their singing! You have got to know that these guys are actors, not singers, and I can't expect too much from their voice, but I salute their courage very much to take up the roles! I know almost every Abba song in the film, really felt like to sing along in the cinema room (but I just didn't want to shock people at this early hour)...

Overall it was a pleasant movie, I personally think it could have been much better, but well, I just wanted a leisured night out and I have it :) The previous musical-to-movie The Phantom Of Opera was much a successful piece. I have seen the musical in London and I liked what they have actualized in the film.

So here I am in the office with my big black tiring eyes trying to work... Furthermore this evening at 6pm I will have to drive a bunch of friends for 2 hours to Butgenbach for a sportive weekend with my sport club...

Let pray that I don't fall asleep while driving....

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Proud B2 player now!!

Yes I am moving up to B2 level! Finally I have won two C1 tournaments within one season, and I actually made it within two weeks time :)

This time it's a much bigger tournament that the one last week, so it lasted two days on Saturday and Sunday. It's at Soignies, quite some distance to reach there, took me nearly 1 hour by car! I was still given the privilege as second seeded player like last week. I started the tournament rather well, winning in straight sets every round until I reached semifinal to play against a player to whom I have lost last year. As expected it went tight from the very first point, but I managed to close the first set, only to lose the second easily. Third set was simply tense until the last point, I was lucky to grab the last 2 points at 19-19 and win the match!

Just like the Dragonbad tournament last week, I have to play the first seeded player in the final. What the heck, I won it last week against the top seed and I believed I could make it again. Anyhow it didn't go well in the beginning of the match, just after a few minutes later I found myself trailing 3-11. This young guy (ok I have to admit I am getting old...) was just playing at such incredible fast pace! Keep pushing the shutters very low and smashing whenever he can. It took me a while to get used to his shots but it was too late to do anything to turn over the first set.

Second set went better, I improved my defense and played 4-corners tactic to keep my opponent on the run. I tried to give very high clear shots to move him to the back of the court, as he tended to intercept shots and attack suddenly. Once the court was open up, it gave me more time to return to the center position and ready for next shot, in the meanwhile slowed his game a bit. I was also glad my net shots and cross cross-court shots were effectuated perfectly. A few counterfeit-movement to trick him on wrong foots. Anyway, stamina wise I was very tired but I kept pushing myself. I led the set until 20-17, before he came back at 20-21 with a match point! I didn't know how I saved that point, I was just so concentrated and eventually won the set at 23-21!

The third set, basically I have read his game and found my way to shut his attacking game, he started to get anxious and make mistakes, and I didn't give him much chance by winning the last set at 21-10. It was such a release at that moment that I sat down on the court laughing at myself! I was just proud that I pulled it through against a guy much better physically!

So now I am venturing myself in B2 tournaments. I have to start as a new challenger against those high rank players. Anyway, by moving to B2 I have actually achieved one of my 2008 resolution. I am so much looking forward to the new season of Team League starting in September, where I can again play in a team with my great friends!

Oh yes, I must mention this: I have broken my two rackets last week at Dragonbad tournament, and a kind friend lend me his Nanospeed 7000 which I have come to like it so much. I won the tournament eventually and immediately bought the same one the following days. Now I also won the Soignies tournament with my very own Nanospeed 7000! A good racket to recommend to everyone!