Ah Khang

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Here I come Malaysia!

Yes! After an absence of 1.5 years from my homeland, I will again set my foot in the country where I have spent my 23 years of youth!

Well I have actually prepared the trip since 3 months ago, all the hotels and transports were properly booked. They are just there waiting to be executed by me. :)

I didn't contact many friends about my return, just a few closed buddies and ex-coursemates. I gotta need to spend a lot of time with my parents, since I am going to bring them to visit KL and Singapore. Besides, I am inviting my sister on a trip to Bali island! It's a my long due birthday present for her, but I hope she likes it that way. ;)

The excitement however doesn't kick in as much as I wanted to savor, but I know I am going to be in cloud 9 once I step in the airplane with all the malaysian fellows heading home too!

Right, before that I still need to deliver my project, too busy to think about my trip, or even to pack my luggage (how come I still have time to write blog...)! OK, don't forget to set the out-of-office notice, and to my fellow IBM-ers, happy working and I shall join you guys again in 3 weeks!